Our Testimonials

“Top of the World” Dream Home in Pasadena

One of the distinct privileges in life is to have a ‘dream’ and then partner with competent and expert professionals who are able to help fulfill the specific vision. We had that experience working with Richard and Michelle Smith of Smith Development. We are more than happy to recommend them to you for your consideration to be the general contractor to build your ‘dream home.’ As we reflect on our time together with our custom home building project, we would recommend without reservation, Richard and Michelle Smith, as a team, because of their character, competency, and compatibility.

GlenOaksLivingRoom920As we reflect on their character, we found them to be individuals and professionals of the highest integrity. Unlike so many in their field, they always kept their word, agreements, appointments, and commitments. Each of the ‘hundreds of components’ involved with a building project from plans, designs, engineering, the building site, the selection of the various sub-contractors, to the city permits and inspections was handled by the Smiths with constant communication with us and full disclosure of each decision, including work-order changes and financial implications.

Even after our home was completed and we moved in, they continued to follow-through with the same integrity and interest, to complete and finalize each item on the ‘punch list’ and during the months we have lived in our home, to assist us in any way possible for the minor and very few warranty repairs and adjustments.

The competency of Smith Development was truly reflected in their choice and team of sub-contractors — we believe ‘quality draws quality’ — all true professionals, insured, bonded, documented, and experienced in their specialization. The Smiths are ‘can-do’ people who are self-motivated by their core ethical values to give and do their very best for each client. They worked with us and our proposed construction budget to consider the best possible options to stay within our budget with the highest quality product.

Without a doubt, compatibility, of the contractor and client, is one of the most significant dimensions of a good working relationship. Because of the extended time of working together, the relational mix is so significant. We highly recommend Richard and Michelle as two individuals who are committed to provide the very best professional partnership to make your ‘dream home’ a reality. Each interaction with them from our initial meeting to the completion of the project was marked with openness, respect, creativity, and a commitment to the best quality and performance possible.

One of the highest of all recommendations we can make would be — If we were to build another custom home — we would immediately contract with Richard and Michelle Smith of Smith Development.

Gordon and Patricia Kirk

Quality of Construction in San Marino

huangI appreciate your continuous follow-ups on the construction of our home. I like the way you first handled our inquiries. From the beginning you knew what we were thinking in terms of housing design, construction schedule and quality. This saved us so much time and I was very thankful that we were actually on time on your fore-casted schedule as I have heard from MANY of my friends that their constructions never completed on time.

Thank you for regularly checking with me during the construction and asking “what is it that I expect and how I want to do certain things in a certain manner.” I can tell with our conversations and obviously from the quality of our completed house that you have a solid background in construction and project management. This is so important to be able to communicate and understand where the owner is coming from. In retrospect, I truly believe it is not the amount of construction time or materials that made our relationship successful; it is the quality of communication.

With that, you have substantially minimized the stress levels that come with building a custom home. You were knowledgeable, responsive and always were prepared for my call and sometimes, challenges. I appreciated your ability to work receptively with our interior designer and architect and also giving me helpful tips in beautifying the house to another level.  I have received so many commendations on your superior work to the custom-made cabinetry’s, moldings, and marble work! You have minimized the cost for my budget while maximizing the construction quality. You were very sensitive to our needs and appreciate the customer relationship and the friendship grown from this. I have the highest personal and professional regard for you.  Without reservation or qualification, I recommend your company for every consideration of building a quality custom-home. Keep up the good work!

Mr. & Mrs. Huang

Integrity in Remodeling

I lived in my home in Arcadia Ca. for over 35 years, always needing and wanting my family room built out, but fear of costs and mess kept me from doing it.  When I met Richard Smith as the contractor building the home next door to me, which was done so great that it was on the home tour and winner of awards in Arcadia, I asked him to do my room.  It worked out great, prices were very fair, workmen came and got the job done well and fast, and there was very little inconvenience to us living there.  Richard is above the normal people that do this kind of work in his basic integrity and one that can be trusted in all he says and does.

Bob Laidlaw, President
Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson Inc.

Sound Professional Judgement

The project would not have been possible or successful without your involvement. From processing the building permit application, to choosing and supervising qualified subcontractors, to dealing with City officials and inspections, and keeping neighbors happy, you were always on step ahead.

Your patience answering my questions and listening to my suggestions was always appreciated. The experience and sound, professional judgement you brought to the job made everything related to the project exceed expectations. This was a big project for me. You took it all in stride.

You were selected based on a recommendation of a friend of mine. I intend to recommend you to anyone who asks me for the name of a good contractor. I will tell them you’re not just good, you’re the best. 

Thomas Keiser, Esq.

Elegant Altadena Masterpiece

Elegant-Altadena-Villa-920When I build my next home, Richard Smith will be the builder. He built our home and it was a masterpiece, a complex hillside home that is a monument to a great builder. Not only was the house built fast (7 months), it was built well. There were no construction problems.

From day one, the house was in good working order. The subcontractors were managed efficiently and expertly and Richard or Michelle was always available. This recommendation may seem over the top, but it’s true. Feel free to call me to verify, they are the best around and I have and will use them again and again.

Mark Crawford, Crawford Financial

Commitment and Integrity

As we celebrate 20 years of working together, I wanted to write and acknowledge the quality work and projects that we have accomplished together and to personally thank you for your intense commitment and integrity for over the last two decades!

From land development and subdivisions to prestigious new home construction, you have assisted my company as well as many clients with their dreams and goals of new home ownership, superior remodeling and historic restoration projects to name just a few. Your customer satisfaction record is virtually second to none with clients, vendors and the construction trades all praising your dedication, hard work and constant follow-up.There is simply no way that we could have completed many of our real estate objectives without your participation and support.

We look forward to our continued working relationship with you and your team and the promise of future projects that are being developed. If I or my company can ever be of assistance in any matter regarding you or your company, please do not hesitate to call on us.

Again, many thanks for 20 years of unwavering quality and service.

Brion Costa, Broker & Realtor,
Costa Land Corporation